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House Reveal: Our Serene Oasis in the Middle of the City


Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photography: Haris Kenjar

Every time I wake up in the morning, I can’t believe how gorgeous our bedroom turned out. Though you can’t tell from the photos, the space is awkwardly long, yet Katie Hodges managed to embrace the large size, while still somehow making it feel cozy and intimate.

Of all the rooms compared to our previous house, our bedroom feels the most similar. It’s similarly grounded in neutrals, but where I gravitated toward bright whites in our last house, Katie opted for warmer, wood tones to make it not feel quite as stark. Our bed now is made of wood instead of painted metal, and all of the tones are grounded in pretty, soft neutrals. I had always been someone who fantasized about being the type of person who could get away with white furniture, but that’s not me and it’s not our family, so the creams and browns on the seating felt like a compromise at first—but I came to love them even more.

Having a fireplace in our bedroom is truly a dream come true, particularly for my Northern California roots, and still feels surreal. Turning on the fireplace in the evening after I’ve taken a bath, and going to read on the chaise lounge is my favorite way to use the room. It feels so luxurious.

We never used our last bedroom outside of sleeping, because there wasn’t room for even an additional chair. But on a Saturday, you can find G playing chess on his iPad in his cozy chair, while I read in the other one, and Sloan lounges on our bed with a pile of books. (It’s also definitely the most popular room with our cats.) We knew we didn’t want a TV in the bedroom, which we had in our last home. Not only did one not clearly work in the space, but I wanted to keep the room serene, prioritizing a space to sit before bed and cuddle up to read in one of the two sitting areas. And knowing that when I can’t sleep, I can read in the chaise lounge before climbing back into bed, is just really lovely.

We finished this bedroom in August, so I haven’t spent a night away from it yet, but it feels like the type of room I’d look forward to returning to after a vacation.

Bed: Custom-made, by Katie Hodges Design (Similar here)
Sconces: Triple Seven Home 
Table lamps: Circa Lighting (Similar here)
Bedside Tables: Faithful Roots
Dresser, not pictured: Faithful Roots
Art (above fireplace): Kate Zimmerman Turpin (Gifted)
Throw blanket: Pat Mcgann 
Sheepskin Danish Chair: Custom-made, by Katie Hodges Design (Similar here and here)
Chaise Lounge: Custom-made, by Katie Hodges Design (Similar here)
Floor lamp: Vintage from Etsy (Similar here)
Ceramics on fireplace hearth: Lawson-Fenning
Side tables: All vintage
Pillows: Vintage from Katie Hodges' collection
Rug: Vintage (Similar here)
Window treatments: Custom curtains (Similar hardware here)

Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photography: Haris Kenjar
Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photography: Haris Kenjar
Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photography: Haris Kenjar

As a note: These photos were staged for 'House Beautiful' (on newstands now!) so a few of the items pictured here were borrowed from Katie's personal collection (as you'll see in the "Sources") or moved around for photography—scroll down to see what it looks like today, as we use it in daily life. 

Here's a photo of what it used to look like:

And here's what it looks like today, as well as a few additional, unstyled shots of the space:

A small, tree-covered balcony off of our bedroom
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